Outdoor dining or to-go dining in your residence remains the preferred option from a public health standpoint. If you do choose to eat indoors, please make sure that you continue to wear your mask when you are not actively eating and drinking, and that you limit your time in the dining spaces to the extent possible. Daily menus are available for review in the BiteU app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Click here to view the To Go Program FAQs

Multistack Flyer
When eating at our three main dining facilities, you may notice that we’ve installed new air purification systems, called “Multistack Units”.
These units purify the air by way of HEPA filtration &  ultraviolet C-spectrum lighting (UVC). This technology both traps and neutralizes viruses and bacteria found in the airstream. The end result is greatly improved indoor air quality and a safer environment.


Use your W&M App/Dining OR go to dining.wm.edu and click on Dining Near Me. You will be able to see how busy your favorite dining locations are before you get there! 

Don't know what location to visit? Know the menu before you go! Special diet? We have you covered! Bite for Universities will help you smoothly navigate our dining menus. Bite for Universities will show you what's open, on the menu, and allow you to mobile order - bite.sodexo.com


We appreciate your understanding as we experience some potential changes to product availability and staffing, due to nationwide supply chain and labor shortages. We assure you that delivering exceptional, safe customer experiences is still our top priority, and thank you for the ongoing support of the dining team.